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Night of the Living Deadlines

The Night of the Living Deadlines is a seven-minute film created for the Academic Writing Centre by Edith Pieperhoff and eight student volunteers.

Written by Samuel Ferry and directed by Ferry and Pieperhoff, The Night of the Living Deadlines is a light-hearted reminder of the importance of good writing. A hard-core procrastinator (Oisin Robbins) falls asleep while struggling with a paper. His dreams feature the Grammar Police, the Cliché Monster, and other strange characters (enacted by the students Eilish McCarthy, Darragh O’Brien, Claudia O’Sullivan, Emmet Byrne, Ciara Moyna, Samuel Ferry, and Conor Burke).

The film was commissioned and overseen by the Academic Writing Centre and produced by Fine Line Films.

The project was enabled by the NDLR LIPS grant.


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