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Journals Explained

Scholarly journals typically contain articles written by academics or professional researchers and are aimed at academic audiences.
Peer reviewed journals contain articles which have been reviewed and approved by recognised experts in particular subject areas.
Scholarly journal articles are valuable sources of information for students and researchers.
Review papers or articles present a comprehensive review of the existing body of knowledge in a specific subject or topic. Review papers can be very useful for locating the core literature in a particular subject area. Some journal databases give the option to refine your search by 'Review Papers'. 

Elements of a Journal Citation

 Image showing the component parts of a journal article citation


Search for a Journal

Simply type the name of the journal you want to read into the search box, e.g. Psychology and ageing. Access the Library Catalogue here

Search for a specific Journal Article

Choose 'Including Articles' from the drop down box beside the search box, and type in whatever information you have about the article, e.g. author name, article name, journal title. Access the Library Catalogue here.
This will search across many of our electronic journals. 
: this method does not search all our electronic titles nor does it search our print collection.

Citation Tracking

Tracking down journal articles which are cited or referred to in papers which you have identified as being relevant to your research is a useful way of locating articles related to your research.  Once you have identified relevant papers in a search, many databases give you the option to link to or find ‘Citing Papers’, those that cite the paper you have found, which are also likely to be relevant.  


Databases can be used to find journal articles on a particular subject. You can view an A-Z of databases on our Library Guides page.

Google Scholar

Goolge Scholar can be used to find specific scholarly articles.

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