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Archaeological Maps & Hydrographic Charts

Archaeological maps

• The 1987 edition of the Sites and Monuments maps for Co Galway is held in map cabinets C2-C4. The sites and monuments are numbered and encircled on the map (Revised edition 6” OS maps). An Index entitled Sites and Monuments record, Co. Galway: a list of archaeological locations in Co. Galway is shelved in General Reference at 936.174 SIT. Details of the Sites and Monuments records for counties in the Irish Republic are available at the National Monuments Service website and at Sites and Monuments Record for Northern Ireland.
• A map of Ireland indicating monastic sites is located in map cabinet D4.

Hydrographic Charts

The Library holds a full set of Admiralty Charts of the coast of Ireland. They are stored in Map Cabinet D3.

A detailed Map Resources in the Library and Online is available. Hard copies are also available from the Special Collections Reading Room.

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