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Inter-Library Loans

In order to improve the ILL experience the Library is conducting a survey of all service users. Please click here to complete the survey. All responses are confidential and no identifying links between responses and the individual responding are retained. Responders may choose to submit their email address to take part in a follow up focus group, which will be conducted after the survey is completed.

Important Notice:

Please note that the Library has a new system which means the method for placing an Inter-Library Loan has  now changed - please see instructions below.

The Inter-Library Loans Service provides postgraduate research students, researchers and academic staff with access to information resources not held by our Library.  If you are sure that the library doesn't hold the material you need or a suitable alternative, you can request an inter-library loan.  We will then borrow the material you need from another library on your behalf.  Please be aware that we are charged by other libraries for this service, so please do ensure that our own collection will not provide you with the information you need.

How to Request an Inter-Library Loan

Your first step is to search our Library Catalogue, ensuring that you have Signed In at the top right of the screen.  Please search using the Including Articles search option.  If your search does not return the resource you are looking for then, please click on Expand My Results on the left hand side.  This will expand your search beyond the holdings of the Library. 

If your search results include the resource you are looking for and indicates No full-text, please click on Print Locations.  You will be given the option to suggest the Library purchase a copy of the resource or you can place an Inter-Library loan request.

The request form will be prepopulated with details of the resource, you need to simply read the Copyright declaration, click the tick-box to indicate that you agree to abide by its restrictions and now click Request

If Expand My Results did not find the resource you were looking for, you can still request an Inter-Library Loan.  Please click on Citation Linker at the top right of the screen.  Three tabs will appear - Book, Journal and Journal Article.  Select the most appropriate for your required resource and complete the form as fully as you can.  The more information you provide us with, the quicker we will be able to provide you with the resource. 

Once again you will offered the option to suggest the resource for purchase or to request an Inter-library loan.  Simply follow the procedure as outlined above,  remembering to click the Copyright declaration.

Please allow up to six weeks for the item you have requested to arrive.  Also please note that Inter-Library Loans cannot be renewed, so before requesting an item from another library please ensure that you will have time within the 3 week loan period to read it before it's sent back.

Please also note the new library system treats Inter-Library loans in the same way as loans of material from our own collection.  This means that fines are now levied on ILL loans returned late in exactly the same way as we fine for late return of our own material.  Please be aware that we are charged by the lending libraries for late return, so passing this fine on to the user protects our budgets for acquiring new books and journals for all users.  To avoid these fines, please ensure that you only apply for Inter Library Loans at a time when you will be ready to make use of the material.


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