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Assistive Technology Service: Facilities

We provide a range of facilities within the Assistive Technology Service area, and space has been designed to offer a variety of study options.

In a large open access area, there are general study spaces, plus a relaxation space with easy chairs. Computers are located on height-adjustable desks. A CCTV machine, which magnifies the pages of books and other documents, plus a low-level photocopier, are located in this area.

Sound-proof booths

There are three sound-proof booths, each of which is equipped with a computer, a scanner and a height-adjustable desk. The booths will accommodate two people, so that users are able to work with the help of a personal assistant. Students may reserve booths in advance by entering their details on the booking schedule in ATS. A maximum stay of two hours per study session applies and students requiring specific software applications have priority. The booths are also used for exams.


The following equipment is provided: wristrests, adjustable footrests, magnifiers, bookstands and daylight desklamps. Students also have the option of using a tracker-ball or joystick as an alternative to a mouse and a keyboard with enlarged lettering.

The Disability Support Services issue other equipment to students as necessary. For example:

  • Franklin DMQ 2100 Electronic Dictionary
  • Olympus WS811 Digital Voice Recorder
  • Echo Smartpen
  • Reading Pen TS Oxford