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Order a Book

All new book orders should be placed via the online book order form. Each discipline (old academic departments) has a single username and password to access this system. This is to facilitate monitoring  of overall spending within the discipline. The username and password is available from Neil O'Brien, Acquisitions Librarian.   

Please ensure that you check the Library Catalogue for existing holdings of the title you are recommending. If we have existing holdings and you would like to increase the number of copies we have, please indicate that this is an 'additional copy'. Please note however that a maximum of 10 copies of any title will be acquired by the Library. 

If you are preparing a reading list for a module you are teaching, you don't need to order the books yourself.  Simply submit your reading list via our Reading List Support Service.  This will ensure that these titles are given top priority, that sufficient copies are acquired for the class size and that the books are made available with the most appropriate loan status.

Hugo Kelly and Niamh Walsh (Collection Development Librarians) are available for advice on collection weaknesses, student needs and new publications of interest in the various subject areas.

If you have a query about a specific order please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Acquisitions staff - Geraldine Clarke, Rioghna Moggan, Teresa Brett and Deirdre Garvey.

Neil O'Brien

O'Brien, Neil

Acquisitions, Subscriptions & Budgets
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Geraldine Clarke

Clarke, Geraldine

Book Acquisitions
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Deirdre Garvey

Garvey, Deirdre

Book Acquisitions
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Rioghna Moggan

Moggan, Rioghna

Book Acquisitions & Administration
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