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Order a Journal

Journal subscriptions involve an ongoing annual financial commitment and are subject to high rates of inflation and currency fluctuation. For this reason, new subscriptions are only placed after consultation with the Head of School, Monica Crump (Head of Collections) and Neil O'Brien (Acquisitions Librarian). 

Schools are not permitted to spend more than 85% of their overall Library budget on journals, to allow for currency and inflation fluctuations and to ensure the book collection of the subject area remains current.  Sometimes, therefore, cancellations may be necessary prior to taking out a new subscription or followng significant price increases.

To request a new journal subscription please contact Neil O'Brien (Acquisitions Librarian).  If you have any query about current subscriptions or titles accessible to us via IReL please do not hesitate to contact Monica Crump. 


Neil O'Brien

O'Brien, Neil

Acquisitions, Subscriptions & Budgets
Tel: +353 91493338