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    • First reversible protonation of the all-nitrogen 1-aryl pentazole ring 

      Butler, R.N.; Stephens, John C.; Hanniffy, John M. (Elsevier BV, 2004-02-01)
    • First Synthesis of an Aziridinyl Fused Pyrrolo[1,2-a]benzimidazole and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Various Imidazobenzimidazolequinones Towards Human Normal and Cancer Cell Lines 

      Bonham, Sarah (2011-07-13)
      Chapter 1 provides a review of aziridine containing anti-tumour agents and some key syntheses of the aziridinomitosene skeleton. A novel protocol for aziridine ring fusion is described leading to the preparation of the ...
    • The First VERITAS Telescope 

      Lang, Mark; Gillanders, Gary (2006)
      The first atmospheric Cherenkov telescope of VERITAS (the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) has been in operation since February 2005. We present here a technical description of the instrument and a ...
    • FirstNuSTAR observations of MRK 501 within a radio to TeV multi-instrument campaign 

      Connolly, M.P.; Gillanders, Gary; Lang, Mark (IOP Publishing, 2015-10-10)
      We report on simultaneous broadband observations of the TeV-emitting blazar Markarian 501 between 2013 April 1 and August 10, including the first detailed characterization of the synchrotron peak with Swift and NuSTAR. During ...
    • Firstnustarobservations of mrk 501 within a radio to tev multi-instrument campaign 

      Furniss, A.; Noda, K.; Boggs, S.; Chiang, J.; Christensen, F.; Craig, W.; Giommi, P.; Hailey, C.; Harisson, F.; Madejski, G.; Nalewajko, K.; Perri, M.; Stern, D.; Urry, M.; Verrecchia, F.; Zhang, W.; Ahnen, M. L.; Ansoldi, S.; Antonelli, L. A.; Antoranz, P.; Babic, A.; Banerjee, B.; Bangale, P.; Barres de Almeida, U.; A. Barrio, J.; Becerra González, J.; Bednarek, W.; Bernardini, E.; Biasuzzi, B.; Biland, A.; Blanch, O.; Bonnefoy, S.; Bonnoli, G.; Borracci, F.; Bretz, T.; Carmona, E.; Carosi, A.; Chatterjee, A.; Clavero, R.; Colin, P.; Colombo, E.; Contreras, J. L.; Cortina, J.; Covino, S.; Da Vela, P.; Dazzi, F.; De Angelis, A.; De Caneva, G.; De Lotto, B.; de Oña Wilhelmi, E.; Delgado Mendez, C.; Di Pierro, F.; Dominis Prester, D.; Dorner, D.; Doro, M.; Einecke, S.; Eisenacher Glawion, D.; Elsaesser, D.; Fernández-Barral, A.; Fidalgo, D.; Fonseca, M. V.; Font, L.; Frantzen, K.; Fruck, C.; Galindo, D.; García López, R. J.; Garczarczyk, M.; Garrido Terrats, D.; Gaug, M.; Giammaria, P.; Godinovic´, N.; González Muñoz, A.; Guberman, D.; Hanabata, Y.; Hayashida, M.; Herrera, J.; Hose, J.; Hrupec, D.; Hughes, G.; Idec, W.; Kellermann, H.; Kodani, K.; Konno, Y.; Kubo, H.; Kushida, J.; La Barbera, A.; Lelas, D.; Lewandowska, N.; Lindfors, E.; Lombardi, S.; Longo, F.; López, M.; López-Coto, R.; López-Oramas, A.; Lorenz, E.; Majumdar, P.; Makariev, M.; Mallot, K.; Maneva, G.; Manganaro, M.; Mannheim, K.; Maraschi, L.; Marcote, B.; Mariotti, M.; Martínez, M.; Mazin, D.; Menzel, U.; Miranda, J. M.; Mirzoyan, R.; Moralejo, A.; Nakajima, D.; Neustroev, V.; Niedzwiecki, A.; Nievas Rosillo, M.; Nilsson, K.; Nishijima, K.; Orito, R.; Overkemping, A.; Paiano, S.; Palacio, J.; Palatiello, M.; Paneque, D.; Paoletti, R.; Paredes, J. M.; Paredes-Fortuny, X.; Persic, M.; Poutanen, J.; Prada Moroni, P. G.; Prandini, E.; Puljak, I.; Reinthal, R.; Rhode, W.; Ribó, M.; Rico, J.; Rodriguez Garcia, J.; Saito, T.; Saito, K.; Satalecka, K.; Scapin, V.; Schultz, C.; Schweizer, T.; Shore, S. N.; Sillanpää, A.; Sitarek, J.; Snidaric, I.; Sobczynska, D.; Stamerra, A.; Steinbring, T.; Strzys, M.; Takalo, L.; Takami, H.; Tavecchio, F.; Temnikov, P.; Terzic´, T.; Tescaro, D.; Teshima, M.; Thaele, J.; Torres, D. F.; Toyama, T.; Treves, A.; Verguilov, V.; Vovk, I.; Will, M.; Zanin, R.; Archer, A.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Biteau, J.; Bugaev, V.; Cardenzana, J. V; Cerruti, M.; Chen, X.; Ciupik, L.; Connolly, M. P.; Cui, W.; Dickinson, H. J.; Dumm, J.; Eisch, J. D.; Falcone, A.; Feng, Q.; Finley, J. P.; Fleischhack, H.; Fortin, P.; Fortson, L.; Gerard, L.; Gillanders, G. H.; Griffin, S.; Griffiths, S. T.; Grube, J.; Gyuk, G.; Håkansson, N.; Holder, J.; Humensky, T. B.; Johnson, C. A.; Kaaret, P.; Kertzman, M.; Kieda, D.; Krause, M.; Krennrich, F.; Lang, M. J.; Lin, T. T. Y.; Maier, G.; McArthur, S.; McCann, A.; Meagher, K.; Moriarty, P.; Mukherjee, R.; Nieto, D.; O’Faoláin de Bhróit, A.; Ong, R. A.; Park, N.; Petry, D.; Pohl, M.; Popkow, A.; Ragan, K.; Ratliff, G.; Reyes, L. C.; Reynolds, P. T.; Richards, G. T.; Roache, E.; Santander, M.; Sembroski, G. H.; Shahinyan, K.; Staszak, D.; Telezhinsky, I.; Tucci, J. V.; Tyler, J.; Vassiliev, V. V.; Wakely, S. P.; Weiner, O. M.; Weinstein, A.; Wilhelm, A.; Williams, D. A.; Zitzer, B.; Vince, O.; Fuhrmann, L.; Angelakis, E.; Karamanavis, V.; Myserlis, I.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Zensus, J. A.; Ungerechts, H.; Sievers, A.; Bachev, R.; Böttcher, M.; Chen, W. P.; Damljanovic, G.; Eswaraiah, C.; Güver, T.; Hovatta, T.; Hughes, Z.; Ibryamov, S. I.; Joner, M. D.; Jordan, B.; Jorstad, S. G.; Joshi, M.; Kataoka, J.; Kurtanidze, O. M.; Kurtanidze, S. O.; Lähteenmäki, A.; Latev, G.; Lin, H. C.; Larionov, V. M.; Mokrushina, A. A.; Morozova, D. A.; Nikolashvili, M. G.; Raiteri, C. M.; Ramakrishnan, V.; R. Readhead, A. C.; Sadun, A. C.; Sigua, L. A.; Semkov, E. H.; Strigachev, A.; Tammi, J.; Tornikoski, M.; Troitskaya, Y. V.; Troitsky, I. S.; Villata, M.; ,; ,; ,; , (IOP Publishing, 2015-10-09)
      We report on simultaneous broadband observations of the TeV-emitting blazar Markarian 501 between 2013 April 1 and August 10, including the first detailed characterization of the synchrotron peak with Swift and NuSTAR. ...
    • “first” abyssal record of stenosemus exaratus (g.o. sars, 1878) (mollusca, polyplacophora) in the north-atlantic ocean 

      Schwabe, Enrico; Allcock, Louise (Pensoft Publishers, 2013-04-03)
      The first proven abyssal record of Stenosemus exaratus (G.O. Sars, 1878) is presented on the basis of an ROV study in the Irish Sea. For the first time in situ images of the species and data on the environmental parameters ...
    • Fisher's preferences and trade-offs between management options 

      Fitzpatrick, Mike; Maravelias, Christos D; Eigaard, Ole Ritzau; Hynes, Stephen; Reid, David (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017-02-01)
      Failure to understand the potential responses of fishers to management measures creates a significant risk of revisiting the familiar scenario of perverse and unintended consequences of those measures. This paper reports ...
    • Fisheries bycatch data provide insights into the distribution of the mauve stinger (pelagia noctiluca) around ireland 

      Bastian, T.; Stokes, D.; Kelleher, J. E.; Hays, G. C.; Davenport, J.; Doyle, T. K. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2010-12-22)
      There is concern that jellyfish populations are proliferating in the Northeast Atlantic and that their socio-economic impacts will increase. Using information from the Irish Groundfish Survey, data are presented on the ...
    • Fishery discards in the irish sea exhibit temporal oscillations and trends reflecting underlying processes at an annual scale 

      Viana, M.; Graham, N.; Wilson, J. G.; Jackson, A. L. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2010-11-17)
      Non-inclusion of discard data in stock assessment can lead to underestimation of biomass and fishing mortality; this is of particular concern if there have been changes in discard practices over time. Although variability ...
    • Fishing and environment drive spatial heterogeneity in celtic sea fish community size structure 

      Shephard, S.; Gerritsen, H. D.; Kaiser, M. J.; Truszkowska, H. S.; Reid, D. G. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2011-08-20)
      The Large Fish Indicator (LFI) is a univariate size-based indicator of fish community state that has been selected to support the OSPAR fish community Ecological Quality Objective (EcoQO). To operate this EcoQO, a survey-based ...
    • Fishing and the oceanography of a stratified shelf sea 

      Sharples, Jonathan; Ellis, Jim R.; Nolan, Glenn; Scott, Beth E. (Elsevier BV, 2013-10-01)
    • Five year prognosis in patients with angina identified in primary care: incident cohort study 

      Buckley, B. S; Simpson, C. R; McLernon, D. J; Murphy, A. W; Hannaford, P. C (BMJ, 2009-08-06)
      Objective To ascertain the risk of acute myocardial infarction, invasive cardiac procedures, and mortality among patients with newly diagnosed angina over five years. Design Incident cohort study of patients with primary ...
    • Five-year prognosis in an incident cohort of people presenting with acute myocardial infarction 

      Simpson, Colin R.; Buckley, Brian S.; McLernon, David J.; Sheikh, Aziz; Murphy, Andrew; Hannaford, Philip C. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2011-10-20)
      Background: Following an AMI, it is important for patients and their physicians to appreciate the subsequent risk of death, and the potential benefits of invasive cardiac procedures and secondary preventive therapy. Studies, ...
    • Fixed latency on-chip interconnect for hardware spiking neural network architectures 

      Pande, Sandeep; Morgan, Fearghal; Smit, Gerard; Bruintjes, Tom; Rutgers, Jochem; McGinley, Brian; Cawley, Seamus; Harkin, Jim; McDaid, Liam (Elsevier BV, 2013-09-01)
    • Fixed point theorems and equilibrium points in abstract economies 

      O'Regan, Donal (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 1998-08-01)
      New fixed point theorems are given which have applications in the theory of abstract economies.
    • Fixed point theorems for convex-power condensing operators relative to the weak topology and appli- cations to volterra integral equations 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal; Taoudi, Mohamed-Aziz (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, 2012-06-01)
      In this paper we present new fixed point theorems for weakly sequentially continuous mappings which are convex-power condensing relative to a measure of weak noncompactness. Our fixed point results extend and improve several ...
    • Fixed point theorems for generalized contractions in ordered metric spaces 

      O'Regan, Donal; Petruşel, Adrian (Elsevier BV, 2008-05-01)
    • Fixed point theorems for nonlinear operators 

      O'Regan, Donal (Elsevier BV, 1996-09-01)
    • Fixed point theorems for set-valued contraction type maps in metric spaces 

      Amini-Harandi, A; O'Regan, D (Springer Nature, 2010-01-01)
      We first give some fixed point results for set-valued self-map contractions in complete metric spaces. Then we derive a fixed point theorem for nonself set-valued contractions which are metrically inward. Our results ...