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    • Risk and protective genetic variants in suicidal behaviour: association with slc1a2, slc1a3, 5-htr1b &ntrk2 polymorphisms 

      Murphy, Therese M; Ryan, Maria; Foster, Tom; Kelly, Chris; McClelland, Roy; O'Grady, John; Corcoran, Eleanor; Brady, John; Reilly, Michael; Jeffers, Anne; Brown, Katherine; Maher, Anne; Bannan, Noreen; Casement, Alison; Lynch, Dermot; Bolger, Sharon; Tewari, Prerna; Buckley, Avril; Quinlivan, Leah; Daly, Leslie; Kelleher, Cecily; Malone, Kevin M (Springer Nature, 2011-01-01)
      Background: Suicidal behaviour is known to aggregate in families. Patients with psychiatric disorders are at higher risk for suicide attempts (SA), however protective and risk genetic variants for suicide appear to be ...