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    • hsp27 protects mitochondria of thermotolerant cells against apoptotic stimuli 

      Samali, Afshin; Robertson, John D.; Peterson, Elisabeth; Manero, Florence; van Zeijl, Leone; Paul, Catherine; Cotgreave, Ian A.; Arrigo, André-Patrick; Orrenius, Sten (Springer Nature, 2001-01-01)
      Enhanced cell survival and resistance to apoptosis during thermotolerance correlates with an increased expression of heat shock proteins (Hsps). Here we present additional evidence in support of the hypothesis that the ...
    • Losing heart: the role of apoptosis in heart disease--a novel therapeutic target? 

      GILL, C. (FASEB, 2002-02-01)
      Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide. In recent years it has emerged that loss of myocardial cells may be a major pathogenic factor. Cell death can occur in a destructive, uncontrolled manner via ...