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    • A search for optical bursts from the rotating radio transient j1819−1458 with ultracam - ii. simultaneous ultracam-lovell telescope observations 

      Dhillon, V. S.; Keane, E. F.; Marsh, T. R.; Stappers, B. W.; Copperwheat, C. M.; Hickman, R. D. G.; Jordan, C. A.; Kerry, P.; Kramer, M.; Littlefair, S. P.; Lyne, A. G.; Mignani, R. P.; Shearer, A. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2011-05-18)
      The rotating radio transient (RRAT) J1819-1458 exhibits similar to 3ms bursts in the radio every similar to 3 min, implying that it is visible for only similar to 1 s per day. Assuming that the optical light behaves in a ...
    • Veritas: the very energetic radiation imaging telescope array system 

      Weekes, T.C; Badran, H; Biller, S.D; Bond, I; Bradbury, S; Buckley, J; Carter-Lewis, D; Catanese, M; Criswell, S; Cui, W; Dowkontt, P; Duke, C; Fegan, D.J; Finley, J; Fortson, L; Gaidos, J; Gillanders, G.H; Grindlay, J; Hall, T.A; Harris, K; Hillas, A.M; Kaaret, P; Kertzman, M; Kieda, D; Krennrich, F; Lang, M.J; LeBohec, S; Lessard, R; Lloyd-Evans, J; Knapp, J; McKernan, B; McEnery, J; Moriarty, P; Muller, D; Ogden, P; Ong, R; Petry, D; Quinn, J; Reay, N.W; Reynolds, P.T; Rose, J; Salamon, M; Sembroski, G; Sidwell, R; Slane, P; Stanton, N; Swordy, S.P; Vassiliev, V.V; Wakely, S.P (Elsevier BV, 2002-05-01)