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    • Extreme ultraviolet explorerobservations of psr b0656+14 

      Edelstein, Jerry; Seon, Kwang‐Il; Golden, Aaron; Min, Kyoung‐Wook (IOP Publishing, 2000-08-20)
      The pulsar PSR B0656 + 14 has been observed at gamma-ray, X-ray, EUV, and optical energies. These data are consistent with emission originating from a thermal stellar surface augmented by a hot, thermal "polar-cap" ...
    • Pulsar psr b0656+14, the monogem ring, and the origin of the "knee" in the primary cosmic-ray spectrum 

      Thorsett, S. E.; Benjamin, R. A.; Brisken, Walter F.; Golden, A.; Goss, W. M. (IOP Publishing, 2003-07-02)
      The Monogem ring is a bright, diffuse, 25degrees diameter supernova remnant easily visible in soft X-ray images of the sky. Projected within the ring is a young radio pulsar, PSR B0656 + 14. An association between the ...
    • The distance and radius of the neutron star psr b0656+14 

      Brisken, Walter F.; Thorsett, S. E.; Golden, A.; Goss, W. M. (IOP Publishing, 2003-07-18)
      We present the result of astrometric observations of the radio pulsar PSR B0656+14, made using the Very Long Baseline Array. The parallax of the pulsar is pi = 3.47 +/- 0.36 milliarcsec, yielding a distance 288(-27)(+33) ...