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    • Major transitions in dinoflagellate evolution unveiled by phylotranscriptomics 

      Janouškovec, Jan; Gavelis, Gregory S.; Burki, Fabien; Dinh, Donna; Bachvaroff, Tsvetan R.; Gornik, Sebastian G.; Bright, Kelley J.; Imanian, Behzad; Strom, Suzanne L.; Delwiche, Charles F.; Waller, Ross F.; Fensome, Robert A.; Leander, Brian S.; Rohwer, Forest L.; Saldarriaga, Juan F. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2016-12-27)
      Dinoflagellates are key species in marine environments, but they remain poorly understood in part because of their large, complex genomes, unique molecular biology, and unresolved in-group relationships. We created a ...