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    • Preparation of cytocompatible ito neuroelectrodes with enhanced electrochemical characteristics using a facile anodic oxidation process 

      Vallejo-Giraldo, Catalina; Pampaloni, Niccolò Paolo; Pallipurath, Anuradha R.; Mokarian-Tabari, Parvaneh; O'Connell, John; Holmes, Justin D.; Trotier, Alexandre; Krukiewicz, Katarzyna; Orpella-Aceret, Gemma; Pugliese, Eugenia; Ballerini, Laura; Kilcoyne, Michelle; Dowd, Eilís; Quinlan, Leo R.; Pandit, Abhay; Kavanagh, Paul; Biggs, Manus Jonathan Paul (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017-03-01)
      Physicochemical modification of implantable electrode systems is recognized as a viable strategy to enhance tissue/electrode integration and electrode performance in situ. In this work, a bench-top electrochemical process ...