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    • Potential of lichen secondary metabolites againstplasmodiumliver stage parasites with fas-ii as the potential target 

      Lauinger, Ina L.; Vivas, Livia; Perozzo, Remo; Stairiker, Christopher; Tarun, Alice; Zloh, Mire; Zhang, Xujie; Xu, Hua; Tonge, Peter J.; Franzblau, Scott G.; Pham, Duc-Hung; Esguerra, Camila V.; Crawford, Alexander D.; Maes, Louis; Tasdemir, Deniz (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013-06-28)
      Chemicals targeting the liver stage (LS) of the malaria parasite are useful for causal prophylaxis of malaria. In this study, four lichen metabolites, evernic acid (1); vulpic acid (2), psoromic acid (3), and, (+)-usnic ...