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    • 3d-printed bioanalytical devices 

      Bishop, Gregory W; Satterwhite-Warden, Jennifer E; Kadimisetty, Karteek; Rusling, James F (IOP Publishing, 2016-06-02)
      While 3D printing technologies first appeared in the 1980s, prohibitive costs, limited materials, and the relatively small number of commercially available printers confined applications mainly to prototyping for manufacturing ...
    • 3d-printed fluidic devices for nanoparticle preparation and flow-injection amperometry using integrated prussian blue nanoparticle-modified electrodes 

      Bishop, Gregory W.; Satterwhite, Jennifer E.; Bhakta, Snehasis; Kadimisetty, Karteek; Gillette, Kelsey M.; Chen, Eric; Rusling, James F. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2015-05-19)
      A consumer-grade fused filament fabrication (PP) 31) printer was used to construct fluidic devices for nanoparticle preparation and electrochemical sensing. Devices were printed using poly(ethylene terephthalate) and ...
    • Electrochemiluminescence at bare and dna-coated graphite electrodes in 3d-printed fluidic devices 

      Bishop, Gregory W.; Satterwhite-Warden, Jennifer E.; Bist, Itti; Chen, Eric; Rusling, James F. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2016-02-26)
      Clear plastic fluidic devices with ports for incorporating electrodes to enable electrochemiluminescence (ECL) measurements were prepared using a low-cost, desktop three-dimensional (3D) printer based on stereolithography. ...