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    • Immune and genetic correlates of vaccine protection against mucosal infection by siv in monkeys 

      Letvin, N. L.; Rao, S. S.; Montefiori, D. C.; Seaman, M. S.; Sun, Y.; Lim, S.-Y.; Yeh, W. W.; Asmal, M.; Gelman, R. S.; Shen, L.; Whitney, J. B.; Seoighe, C.; Lacerda, M.; Keating, S.; Norris, P. J.; Hudgens, M. G.; Gilbert, P. B.; Buzby, A. P.; Mach, L. V.; Zhang, J.; Balachandran, H.; Shaw, G. M.; Schmidt, S. D.; Todd, J.-P.; Dodson, A.; Mascola, J. R.; Nabel, G. J. (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2011-05-04)
      The RV144 vaccine trial in Thailand demonstrated that an HIV vaccine could prevent infection in humans and highlights the importance of understanding protective immunity against HIV. We used a nonhuman primate model to ...