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    • Building a dolmen: an ISD approach to the management of innovation 

      Costello, Gabriel; Conboy, Kieran; Donnellan, Brian (Springer, 2008-10-24)
      This paper addresses a ¿challenge in practice¿ by describing the initial stage of an information systems development (ISD) project to support the management of innovation within a subsidiary of APC-MGE. To begin with, a ...
    • Seeking the face of innovation with the ethical compass of Emmanuel Levinas. 

      Costello, Gabriel; Donnellan, Brian (Springer Verlag, 2008)
      A recent biographer has described the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas as being permeated by one simple but profound theme: western philosophy has at best ignored and at worst suppressed the ¿Other¿. The approach of this ...
    • The triple helix, open innovation and the DOI research agenda. 

      Costello, Gabriel; Donnellan, Brian (Springer Verlag, 2007-01-07)
      This paper examines the implications for research on the diffusion of innovations (DOI) arising from a growing body of literature in two related fields. The first area concerns the debate on the role of regional and national ...