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      Authors Name
      The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies (Galway Doctoral Scholarship) [1]
      The Colt Foundation UK [1]
      The Conflict Resolution Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs [1]
      The Environmental Protection Agency, STRIVE programme 2007-2013 Project code: 2008-EM-MS-7-53 [1]
      The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) [1]
      The European Union's 7th Framework Programme under grant agreement no NMP3-SL-2010-245993, the National University of Ireland travelling studentship. [1]
      The Health Research Board [2]
      The Insight Centre for Data Analytics [1]
      The Irish Research Council [1]
      The Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP) as part of the Programme for Research for Third Level Institutions, administered by the HEA and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) [1]
      The Marine Institute [2]
      The Marine Institute, Ireland [1]
      The Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) and Science Foundation Ireland (MACSI, SFI grant 06/MI/005) [1]
      The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT), Mexico [1]
      The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) [1]
      The Road Safety Authority of Ireland [1]
      Thermo King [1]
      Thirumaran, Arun [1]
      This project was funded under the Irish National Development Plan, through the Food Institutional Research Measure administrated by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food. [1]
      This research was facilitated by a scholarship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences [1]