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    • Hermeneutics: an exploration 

      Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2004)
      The terms ‘hermeneutics’ and phenomenology’ are often used interchangeably in the literature, which can result in confusion for the reader. This article traces the relationship of these two philosophies and explains the ...
    • Exploring the relationship between caring, love and intimacy in nursing 

      Dowling, Maura (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2004)
      The paper utilises the five distinct perspectives on caring proposed by Morse et al (1990) to illustrate the relationship between love, intimacy and caring. Two distinct types of love, namely agape (altruism/charity) and ...
    • Reducing the likelihood of falls in older people 

      Kelly, Angela; Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2004-08-18)
      Background Falls are a serious health concern for older people and an important issue for nurses. Many factors contribute to the causes of falls. Various combinations of these factors have been incorporated in the fall ...
    • Patients' satisfaction with a nurse-led oncology service 

      Egan, Mary; Dowling, Maura (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2005-10)
      This study reports the findings of a quantitative study determining the satisfaction levels of patients attending a nurse led oncology day ward. A random sample of one hundred patients was surveyed using an adapted version ...
    • From Husserl to van Manen: A review of different phenomenological approaches 

      Dowling, Maura (Elsevier, 2006-01-18)
      This paper traces the development of phenomenology as a philosophy originating from the writings of Husserl to its use in phenomenological research and theory development in nursing. The key issues of phenomenological ...
    • The sociology of intimacy in the nurse-patient relationship 

      Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2006-02-15)
      This article examines intimacy from a sociological perspective. It reveals that ‘over-involved’ or ‘intimate’ nurse-patient relationships do not tend to be welcomed by nurses. The work of certain theorists is explored to ...
    • Assessment of the older person in the community. 

      Welford, Claire (Irish Nurses Association, 2006-10)
      As the worlds demographics continue to change and as the life expectancy levels continue to rise, it is clear that as healthcare professionals we will be faced with meeting the needs of more and more over 65year olds who ...
    • Care planning in long-stay care of the older person 

      Welford, Claire (2006-12)
      Every time that the author walks into a different long-stay care of the older person unit it is found that the staff are struggling with care plan introduction. Healthcare professionals are constantly looking for clarification ...
    • The Experiences of Irish Nurse Lecturers Role Transition from Clinician to Educator 

      Dempsey, Laura (2007)
      Described in this study are the experiences of six clinical nurses in Ireland who have transi-tioned to the role of nurse lecturer. Semi-structured interviews were used to gather data from these novice nurse lecturers. ...
    • Oncology nurses descriptions of intimacy with patients: mirroring Edith Stein s phenomenological conceptualisation of empathy. 

      Dowling, Maura (2007)
      This paper highlights the relevance of Edith Stein's philosophy on empathy in understanding oncology nurses' expressions of intimacy with their patients, as revealed from narratives in an interpretive phenomenological study.
    • Inter-professional working: power and politics in the operating department 

      Hahessy, Sinéad (The Clinical Services Journal, 2007-05)
      No abstract available
    • Discharge planning: communication, education and patient participation 

      Carroll, Áine; Dowling, Maura (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2007-06)
      For the most part, discharge from hospital is routine and uneventful. However, for a percentage of persons, discharge from acute care requires careful planning to ensure continuity of care. This is particularly the case ...
    • Ethnomethodology: Time for a revisit? A discussion paper 

      Dowling, Maura (Elsevier, 2007-07-05)
      The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview of ethnomethodology and explore its usefulness as a methodology for nursing. Ethnomethodology was conceived through the writings of Harold Garfinkel, an American ...
    • Working in an overcrowded accident and emergency department: nurses' narratives 

      Kilcoyne, Mary; Dowling, Maura (Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation, 2007-12)
      Aim The aim of this study was to highlight nursing issues associated with overcrowding ( or access block) in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.Design An interpretive phenomenological approach was adopted, with ...
    • Supporting parents caring for a child with a learning disability 

      Fitzpatrick, Anne; Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2007-12-12)
      Parenting a child with a learning disability is a unique and often demanding experience. The learning disability nurse can play a key role in supporting parents and families by communicating effectively, providing information ...
    • Mental health consequences of child sexual abuse 

      Mullers, Evelyn-Sybille; Dowling, Maura (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2008)
      Survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) can experience a variety of long-term mental health effects on their life trajectory, which brings them to the attention of mental health services. It is vital that the mental health ...
    • Increasing the uptake of cervical screening programmes 

      Gannon, Maria; Dowling, Maura (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2008)
      Successful cervical screening programmes depend on the degree of coverage and the rate of attendance. There are many demographic reasons why some women fail to attend for cervical screening, including lack of knowledge and ...
    • The meaning of nurse-patient intimacy in oncology care settings: from the nurse and patient perspective 

      Dowling, Maura (Elsevier, 2008-05-21)
      This paper reports the findings of a study exploring the meaning of nurse-patient intimacy in oncology care settings. An interpretive phenomenological design was adopted. A total of 23 oncology nurses and 30 oncology ...
    • Patient rehabilitation following lower limb amputation 

      Kelly, Maria; Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2008-08-13)
      Patient rehabilitation following lower limb amputation is essential to provide optimum patient outcomes and to improve the amputee’s quality of life. The age of the patient and the stump length or level of amputation emerge ...
    • The road to recovery 

      Cleary, Anne; Dowling, Maura (RCN Publishing, 2009-02-10)
      Anne Cleary and Maura Dowling examine the literature that focuses on the principal concepts of recovery in mental health and explore the importance of interpersonal skills, collaborative working and sharing knowledge This ...