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    • A framework to support knowledge transfer in the service sector 

      Cormican, Kathryn; Gill, Simrn; Folan, Paul (2010)
      This paper introduces a framework for supporting and analysing knowledge transfer in the service sector, which centres on the individual in the process. It argues that the individual is at the centre of the transfer process ...
    • Implementation of an AmI system in a Manufacturing SME 

      Gill, Simrn; Cormican, Kathryn (2008)
      SME's are facing greater challenges due to increased labour cost and reduced cycle times. To adapt to these challenges they need systems in place that will enable them to be flexible, effective and efficient. This is the ...
    • Understanding ambient intelligence: Typologies for systems development 

      Cormican, Kathryn; Gill, Simrn (2006)
      This paper examines the concept of ambient intelligence (AmI). Currently research in this field is ambiguous. There are not many definitions and consequently it is difficult to understand the concept. This paper seeks to ...