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    • 2LIP: Filling the Gap between the Current and the Three-Dimensional Web 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Decker, Stefan (2009)
      In this article we present a novel approach, the 2-Layer Interface Paradigm (2LIP), for designing simple yet interactive 3D web applications, an attempt to marry advantages of 3D experience with the advantages of the ...
    • Accessing Cultural Heritage using the Web of Data 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Cobos, Yolanda; Hausenblas, Michael; Decker, Stefan (2009)
      Cultural Heritage (CH) is a vast domain, where sharing information is challenging. As a result, the global CH is distributed and heterogeneous. In this paper, we present the concept of the Web of Data as an approach to ...
    • Adapting informal sources of knowledge to e-Learning 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Czaja, Filip; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw (2007)
    • IKHarvester Informal eLearning with SemanticWeb Harvesting 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Westerski, Adam; Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Nagle, Tadhg; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw (IEEE, 2008)
      Only recently, researchers and practitioners alike have begun to fully understand the potential of eLearning and have concentrated on new tools and technologies for creating, capturing and distributing knowledge. In order ...
    • On The Way to The Web3D: The Applications of 2-Layer Interface Paradigm 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Irzynska, Izabela (2008)
      The use of the Internet for entertainment continues to grow. The success of rich media web portals, such as: YouTube, Flickr, or Google Maps proves that people look for more and more interactive experience on the Web. ...