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    • Handling heterogeneity in RosettaNet messages 

      Haller, Armin; Kotinurmi, Paavo; Vitvar, Tomas; Oren, Eyal (2007)
      We present a semantic B2B gateway based on the WSMX se- mantic Service-Oriented Architecture to tackle heterogeneities in RosettaNet messages. We develop a rich RosettaNet ontology and use the axiomatised knowledge and ...
    • Semantic SOA to Promote Integration of Heterogeneous B2B Services 

      Vitvar, Tomas; Moran, Matthew; Zaremba, Maciej; Haller, Armin; Kotinurmi, Paavo (IEEE, 2007)
      Modeling the semantics of business services and their corresponding messages using ontologies enables flexible integration that is more adaptive to business-driven change. In this paper we demonstrate our approach building ...
    • WSMX: A Semantic Service Oriented Middleware for B2B Integration 

      Kotinurmi, Paavo; Moran, Matthew; Vitvar, Tomas; Zaremba, Maciej (Springer, 2006)
      In this paper we present a B2B integration scenario building on the principles of Semantic Web services. For this scenario we show the benefits of semantic descriptions used within the integration process to enable ...