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    • Automatic enrichment of terminological resources: the IATE RDF example 

      Arcan, Mihael; Montiel-Ponsoda, Elena; McCrae, John P.; Buitelaar, Paul (European Language Resources Association, 2018-05-07)
      Terminological resources have proven necessary in many organizations and institutions to ensure communication between experts. However, the maintenance of these resources is a very time-consuming and expensive process. ...
    • Defying Wikidata: Validation of terminological relations in the web of data 

      Martín-Chozas, Patricia; Ahmadi, Sina; Montiel-Ponsoda, Elena (National University of Ireland Galway, 2020-05-16)
      In this paper we present an approach to validate terminological data retrieved from open encyclopaedic knowledge bases. This need arises from the enrichment of automatically extracted terms with information from existing ...