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    • Measuring accuracy of triples in knowledge graphs 

      Liu, Shuangyan; d’Aquin, Mathieu; Motta, Enrico (Springer, 2017-06-19)
      An increasing amount of large-scale knowledge graphs have been constructed in recent years. Those graphs are often created from text-based extraction, which could be very noisy. So far, cleaning knowledge graphs are ...
    • An ontology-based approach to improve the accessibility of ROS-based robotic systems 

      Tiddi, Ilaria; Bastianelli, Emanuele; Bardaro, Gianluca; d’Aquin, Mathieu; Motta, Enrico (ACM, 2017-12-04)
      The focus of this work is to exploit ontologies to make robotic systems more accessible to non-expert users, therefore supporting the deployment of robot-integrated applications. Due to the increasing number of robotic ...
    • Propagating data policies: a user study 

      Daga, Enrico; d’Aquin, Mathieu; Motta, Enrico (ACM, 2017-11-04)
      When publishing data, data licences are used to specify the actions that are permitted or prohibited, and the duties that target data consumers must comply with. However, in complex environments such as a smart city ...