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    • Entity Linking with Multiple Knowledge Bases: An Ontology Modularization Approach 

      Pereira, Bianca (Springer, 2014-10-19)
      The recognition of entities in text is the basis for a series of applications. Synonymy and Ambiguity are among the biggest challenges in identifying such entities. Both challenges are addressed by Entity Linking, the task ...
    • Generating linked-data based domain-specific sentiment lexicons from legacy language and semantic resources 

      Vulcu, Gabriela; Buitelaar, Paul; Negi, Sapna; Pereira, Bianca; Arcan, Mihael; Coughlan, Barry; Sanchez, J. Fernando; Iglesias, Carlos A. (European Language Resources Association, 2014)
      We present a methodology for legacy language resource adaptation that generates domain-specific sentiment lexicons organized around domain entities described with lexical information and sentiment words described in the ...
    • Taxonomy extraction for customer service knowledge base construction 

      Pereira, Bianca; Robin, Cécile; Daudert, Tobias; McCrae, John P.; Mohanty, Pranab; Buitelaar, Paul (Springer, 2019-11-04)
      Customer service agents play an important role in bridging the gap between customers vocabulary and business terms. In a scenario where organisations are moving into semi-automatic customer service, se- mantic technologies ...