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    • Automatic taxonomy generation: a use-case in the legal domain 

      Robin, Cécile; O'Neill, James; Buitelaar, Paul (LTC'17, 8th Language & Technology Conference, 2017-11-17)
      A key challenge in the legal domain is the adaptation and representation of the legal knowledge expressed through texts, in order for legal practitioners and researchers to access this information more easily and faster ...
    • Classifying sentential modality in legal language: A use case in financial regulations, acts and directives 

      O'Neill, James; Buitelaar, Paul; Robin, Cécile; O'Brien, Leona (ACM, 2017-06-12)
      Texts expressed in legal language are often di cult and time consuming for lawyers to read through, particularly for the purpose of identifying relevant deontic modalities (obligations, prohibitions and permissions). ...
    • Multimodal emotion recognition for AVEC 2016 challenge 

      Povolny, Filip; Matejka, Pavel; Hradis, Michal; Popkova, Anna; Otrusina, Lubomir; Smrz, Pavel; Wood, Ian; Robin, Cécile; Lamel, Lori (ACM, 2016-10-16)
      This paper describes a systems for emotion recognition and its application on the dataset from the AV+EC 2016 Emotion Recognition Challenge. The realized system was produced and submitted to the AV+EC 2016 evaluation, ...