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    • Brace response and assessment: computation, experiments and design (BRACED) 

      Goggins, Jamie (Seismic engineering research infrastructures for European synergies (SERIES) , Project No.: 227887, 2013)
      The BRACED project investigated the ultimate behaviour of concentrically braced frames(CBFs). The research programme was designed to validate empirical models for theductility capacity of hollow section bracing members and ...
    • Ground improvement using the vibro- stone column technique 

      McCabe, Bryan A.; McNeill, James A.; Black, Jonathan A. (Institution of Engineers in Ireland, 2007)
      The Vibro Stone Column technique is one of the most widely-used ground improvement processes in the world, although its potential for improving Irish sites has yet to be fully exploited. Historically the system has been ...
    • National Centre for Water and Wastewater Research and Demonstration 

      Clifford, Eoghan; O'Reilly, Edmond; Rodgers, Michael; O'Donoghue, Padraic (EPA: STRIVE Report 78, 2010)
      Decentralised wastewater treatment systems for small towns (200 2,000 PE) often have different design requirements to those of systems for larger conurbations even though the treatment process technologies may be similar. ...