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    • Landscape and imagination: towards a new baseline for education in a changing world 

      Newman, Conor; Nussaume, Yann; Pedroli, Bas (UNISCAPE (European Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention) and Bandecchi & Vivaldi, 2013-05-02)
      This publication constitutes the proceedings of an international conference, Landscape and Imagination: Towards a New Baseline for ducation in a hanging World (Paysage et Invention: évolution des enseignements dans un ...
    • Landscape values: Place and praxis 

      Collins, Tim; Kindermann, Gesche; Newman, Conor; Cronin, Nessa (Centre for Landscape Studies, NUI Galway, 2016-06-29)
      Proceedings of the international Landscape Values: Place and Praxis conference hosted by the Centre for Landscape Studies (NUI Galway) on behalf of UNISCAPE. 75 papers that consider how landscapes acquire, enshrine and ...
    • Landscapes “Я” Us 

      Newman, Conor (An Chomhairle Oidhreactha / The Heritage Council, 2009-03-23)
      Exploration of phenomenologocal roots of the definition of 'landscape' used in the European Landscape Convention.
    • Raffin Fort, Co Meath: Neolithic and Bronze Age activity 

      Newman, Conor (Organisation of Irish Archaeologists, 1995)
      [No abstract available]
    • The symbolism of zoomorphic penannular brooches 

      Newman, Conor; Burke, Sandra (2013)
      Exploration of the zoomorphic and Christian symbolism on zoomorphic penannular brooches (5th to 7th centuries AD). It is suggested that the underlying symbol of a bi-cephalic zoomorph has meanings that are not intrinsically ...