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    • Design and characterization of synthetic biodegradable films for soft tissue engineering 

      Ribeiro, Sofia; Fernandes, Emanuel; Gomes, Manuela; Reis, Rui; Bayon, Yves; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I. (SciTePress, 2019)
      To repair soft tissue, it is vital to ensure that the biomaterial is able to mimic the complex elasticity of the native tissue. Substrate stiffness has a huge influence on cell physiology and behaviour. The present study ...
    • Microwave ablation antenna for functional adenomas in the adrenal gland 

      Farina, Laura; de Marco, A. J.; Bottiglieri, Anna; Ruvio, Giuseppe; Eaton-Evans, Jimmy; Dennedy, Michael C.; Elahi, Adnan; O’Halloran, Martin (IEEE, 2020-03-02)
      Microwave thermal ablation has been thoroughly investigated in the last decades. However, new challenges for this technology are nowadays represented by specific applications. The present work investigates a promising ...