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    • The Foundations of Computable General EquilibriumTheory 

      Velupillai, K.V. (National University of Ireland, Galway, 2005)
      A constructive and recursion theoretic analysis of the standard Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model of economic theory is undertaken. It is shown, contrary to widely expressed views and textbook versions of the CGE ...
    • The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in Economics. 

      Velupillai, K. Vela. (National University of Ireland, Galway, 2004)
      In this paper I attempt to show that mathematical economics is unreasonably ineffective. Unreasonable, because the mathematical assumptions are economically unwarranted; ineffective because the mathematical formalizations ...
    • Variations on the Theme of Conning in Mathematical Economics 

      Velupillai, K. Vela (National University of Ireland, Galway, 2006)
      The mathematization of economics is almost exclusively in terms of the mathematics of real analysis which, in turn, is founded on set theory (and the axiom of choice) and orthodox mathematical logic. In this paper I try ...